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“Sailing, training and growing together”


“Sailing for better future” (S4BF) is a 3-years project (2021-2023) for organisations and sailing clubs focused on education through sport for young people. It promotes education through sport with special focus on skills development.

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European Skill Development Through Sailing

It is a European Training Programme – a tool for a better future. A sailing programme for trainers that focuses on the life-long skills development in sailing training.

Intro (EN) | Scenario & Preparation (EN)
Intro (IT) | Scenario & Preparation (IT)
Intro (PL) | Scenario & Preparation (PL)
Intro (ES) | Scenario & Preparation (ES)
Intro (TR) | Scenario & Preparation (TR)
Intro (DE) | Scenario & Preparation (DE)
Intro (PT) | Scenario & Preparation (PT)


Our mobile application ”Sailing Together”

An innovative IT learning tool for training and learning monitoring for trainers and sailors. It will be for smartphones, tablets and desktop.

3 Profile Levels

Club Manager
· Registers the Club in the system
· Accepts sailing coaches accounts
· Registers the sailors/athletes
· Keeps track of training sessions
· Can create and download reports of sessions (coaches or sailors)
· Manages the Club’s account

Sailor Coach
– Registers his account and gets approval from the manager
– Creates training sessions with all the needed information, like weather conditions, wind, waves, main focus of the session, objectives of the session and can send session notes to the participants
– Receives the feedback from sailors about their performance, learning, motivation and recovery after the training.
– Can keep communication with sailors and manager
– Can create and download reports.

– Are registered by the manager and receive email to login with their username
– Receive information about the training session and can give feedback
receive feedback from coach and additional links, materials etc
– Can make notes and communicate with the coach
– Can create and download report with the training sessions and their progress and feedback.

The Use

The App is designed for sailing clubs to:Monitor training sessions – divided into coaches and sailors, track the content and trained abilities and skills, monitor the sailors progress, receive feedback from sailors and for them to have direct contact and feedback from the coach.


Sailing for Better Future – Study Visits Good Practices Report

The New European dimension in sailing training including the best European practices, study methodology and practices used in different countries. Meeting successful people that were young sailors and now are happy adults living a fulfilled life.

Good Practices (EN)
Good Practices (IT)
Good Practices (PL)
Good Practices (ES)
Good Practices (TR)
Good Practices (DE)
Good Practices (PT)


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